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Integrating ColdFusion and Java in ColdFusion MX

Published: February 27, 2003


This documentation provides information about the various ways in which Java can be integrated into ColdFusion applications running ColdFusion MX. It is intended for users who are familiar with both ColdFusion applications and syntax, as well as JSP applications, syntax and the usage of custom tags.


A general knowledge of Java classes, methods, and properties is assumed and you should understand the basics of HTML. ColdFusion MX must be installed and working on your machine prior to running any of the samples.

Unzip/Untar the files into a directory of your choice. The instructions with each sample explain what is needed to run the sample successfully. Put the samples in a directory your web server recognizes.

This document is as-is and is unsupported. For help or technical assistance, please visit the ColdFusion Connector Discussion Forum in the ArcIMS User Forums.

Windows Download (ZIP file - 3,180kb)

UNIX and Linux Download (TAR file - 3,130kb)

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