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Getting Ready for 9.2 - Uninstall Utility

Published: December 19, 2006


This free download provides a utility to assist you in locating and removing previously loaded ArcGIS products, in preparation for the installation of ArcGIS 9.2.


This download will locate and automatically remove ArcGIS 9.x products that are installed on your machine. Uninstalling these products is required to install ArcGIS 9.2.

System Requirements:

Platform: PC-Intel
ArcGIS Software: ArcGIS 9.0 or ArcGIS 9.1 products (excluding Beta releases)

Download instructions:

Download the file below and save it locally. Extract the contents of the zip file (92ConflictDetector.exe and 92ConflictDetector.txt) to any location on your computer. (Note: both files must be extracted to the same location)

How to use the Product Conflict tool

  • Launch the utility by double clicking on the extracted 92ConflictDetector.exe
  • Conflicting products will be displayed.
  • Click uninstall to remove all products displayed.
  • After the conflicting products have been removed, click exit to dismiss the utility.
  • ArcGIS 9.2 products can now be installed.
Logs of the uninstall process for each product can be found at C:\documents and settings\\My Documents folder.

Known Issues

  • The uninstall utility will not locate and remove third party extensions or plug-ins. You should manually uninstall these products (using the Operating System Add/Remove) before removing your ArcGIS products.
  • Beta releases are not detected.
  • Product versions prior to 9.X are not detected.
  • 92ConflictDetector.exe and 92ConflictDetector.txt must be extracted to the same location for the utility to function properly.
  • The contents of 92ConflictDetector.txt should not be changed.

Supporting Files

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