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ESRI Software 9.1 Library - Using the ArcIMS Connectors

Published: April 16, 2005


These books and object model diagrams provide an overview of how to use the supported connectors to create ArcIMS Web-based applications.


Customizing ArcIMS - Using the ActiveX Connector (PDF): This book describes how to develop a custom ArcIMS Web-based application using Visual Basic or ASP. It includes installation and setup instructions, a tutorial, and a complete reference for the ActiveX Connector, a Component Object Model (COM) dynamic link library (DLL).

ActiveX Connector Object Model Diagram (PDF)

Customizing ArcIMS - Using the Java Connector (PDF): This book gives an overview of using the Java Connector to build a custom ArcIMS Web-based application using Java or JSP. It provides an overview of the Java API programmer's reference and a complete reference to the Java Connector Tag Library.

Java Connector Object Model Diagram (PDF)

Java Connector API Reference and Java Connector Tag Library for Windows (ZIP file): The Java Connector application programming interface (API) Reference provides details on all packages, classes, interfaces, exceptions, and methods that are available in the connector's class library. This library allows developers to use Java to create custom functionality for an ArcIMS Web site.

The Java Connector Tag Library contains a list of tags, attributes, and examples.

When you're uncompressing the ZIP or TAR file, be sure to choose the option to maintain folder structure (in Windows, this is known as Use folder names). The starting page for the API Reference is API_reference.htm. The starting page for the Tag Library is TagLibrary_reference.htm.

Customizing ArcIMS - Using the ColdFusion Connector (PDF): This book explains the foundation for customizing a ColdFusion client and provides a reference to the ArcXML element specification designed to work with ColdFusion. It describes reasons for customizing the ColdFusion Connector, the ColdFusion samples provided with ArcIMS, and how different mapping functionality is implemented with ColdFusion.

.NET Link documention (ZIP file): This zip file contains two documents. The first is the .NET Link application programming interface (API) reference, which provides details on all namespaces, classes, properties, and methods that are available (NetLink.chm). The second is Customizing ArcIMS - Using .NET Link, which provides a conceptual overview of the .NET Link (Using_NetLink.html).

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