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ESRI Software 9.1 Library - ArcIMS

Published: April 16, 2005


These general books on ArcIMS get you started with ArcIMS, explain how to create metadata services, and describe how to use ArcExplorer - Java Edition.


Getting Started With ArcIMS: This book introduces you to ArcIMS and guides you through the process of getting all the necessary components installed, configured, and running for your particular environment. It also reinforces your learning of ArcIMS concepts through a tutorial that steps you through common tasks, such as creating and deploying a map on the Web.

Using ArcExplorer - Java Edition: This book describes ArcExplorer - Java Edition, a Web-based application that lets you explore geographic data. It provides procedures for how to install and use the application to view and query geographic data stored on your computer or on the Web.

Creating and Using Metadata Services: This book describes how to use ArcIMS 9 with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcSDE to create a catalog of your GIS holdings that you can make available to users over the Internet. It also describes how to use Metadata Explorer, a Web application that comes with ArcIMS, for searching and viewing metadata.

Updates: Creating and Using Metadata Services has been updated with new notes and the appendix, "What’s new in ArcIMS 9.1?".

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