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ESRI Software 9.0 Library - ArcSDE

Published: January 8, 2004


These books provide an overview of ArcSDE, detail the creation, configuration, and management of the ArcSDE application server and assist you with ArcSDE configuration for the supported databases. Updated 12/17/04


The books are available in PDF or zip file format. All the books are available at the bottom of this page, below the descriptions.

Updated 12/17/04: The Managing ArcSDE Application Servers book was updated to correct errors in the spelling of the sdesetup command for SQL Server and to update the description of the ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE parameter to reflect changes to the software at 9.0.

Understanding ArcSDE: This book provides an overview of ArcSDE - how it optimizes storage of spatial data in a relational database and what roles it plays in an enterprise, multiuser GIS. It includes a discussion of geodatabases, data storage, and the architecture of ArcSDE. This book is available for purchase from the ESRI Store. (Opens in new window.)

Managing ArcSDE Application Servers: This book details the creation, configuration, and management of the ArcSDE application server. In addition, it includes descriptions of the ArcSDE home directory, the data dictionary, table definitions, listings of the ArcSDE commands, and the ArcSDE initialization parameters.

ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide Series Including DB2, Informix, Oracle, and SQL Server: The ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide series provides instruction for configuring the physical storage parameters of your data in your specific database management system (DBMS) as well as information about tuning the relational database and optimizing ArcSDE performance.

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