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Patches and updates

Esri Defense Mapping 10 Patch 1

Published: August 5, 2010


This patch is now obsolete. All fixes have been included in Esri Defense Mapping 10 Service Pack 1.


Esri Defense Mapping 10 must be installed before you can install this update.

Steps to install:


  1. ArcMap and ArcCatalog must be closed.
  2. You must have administrator privileges.
  3. Download
  4. Navigate to and unzip the file.
  5. Navigate within the folder and double-click the exe to start the install process.


Issues Addressed


  • NIM058676Geodatabase builder fails when the alias name of a table is different than the table name (OT60125)
  • OT60237Need Reviewer Batch Jobs for RTDS, GTDS, and UTDS run-time validation
  • OT60111GIFDD4_GDB_To_GIFDD4_GDB.mdb cross reference database contains a typo, "RSTN" should be "RSTRN"
  • OT60127SFCATR and SFCDTD are not properly imported from the MGCP metadata XML, they are always set to TRD2 or TRD3
  • OT60114Description on for the absolute linear error is incorrect in exported MGCP metadata XML
  • OT60110GDB Builder does not assign default values or associate domains when creating a table
  • OT60557Language code not properly exported to the MGCP metadata XML
  • OT60558Cell Comments (CCMNT) should not be exported to the MGCP metadata XML if it is blank or null
  • OT60247Import Topology tool causes crash if data is locked
  • OT59519Using Grid Layout View tool with Defense Mapping and TLM50 MXD causes crash
  • OT60451Remove Custom check batch jobs for TGD
  • OT60452Vmap2 to Tactical cross-reference database contains a duplicate source dataset
  • OT59921MGCP Import Metadata does not import into a feature dataset that has topology
  • OT60256VMap1 to RTDS cross-reference database has incorrect NAM mappings for BuiltupA and PowerA

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 909.793.3774 if you have any difficulty installing. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.

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