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Esri Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 2 - for 2010 Data

Published: July 8, 2011


Esri is pleased to announce the release of Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 2. This update contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes for those who have installed Business Analyst 10 with 2010 Data. This can be applied directly to the released Business Analyst 10 version ( or atop Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 1 (


This update contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes for those who have installed Business Analyst 10 with 2010 Data, also known as Build The new version will be and can be installed atop Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 1, also known as Build The fixes are cumulative, thus every fix in BA10SP1 is included in BA10SP2. In addition to the fixes, improved functionality and features are included for Online Data through Color-Coded Maps and Data Appends as well as Territory Design.


    Installing this Patch on Windows


    Business Analyst 10 must be installed before you can install this Service Pack.

    You can install the service pack in one of two ways: either by automatic update, or by downloading the service pack install file locally.

    Important Notes:

    Note: Hotfix patches made available prior to the release of Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 2 are included in this update. It is no longer relevant to install these files individually.


    Note: If you are applying the Business Analyst service pack using the automatic update method and have ArcGIS Server installed on your machine you must first stop the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM) service. After applying the service pack you can restart the service. You can find this at Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Installing the msp file stops and restarts the SOM without user interaction.

    To Install the Business Analyst Service Pack using the Automatic Update feature

    1. You must have access to the Internet and have ArcMap and ArcCatalog closed.
    2. Proceed to Start > Programs > ArcGIS > Business Analyst > Check for Business Analyst Updates, and follow the on screen instructions.

    You can click the Help button on the Check for Business Analyst Updates dialog for detailed information about Business Analyst service packs.

    To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
    This is designed for users who are unable to access the update via the automatic update utility in Business Analyst due to local security protocols.


    1. You must have ArcMap and ArcCatalog closed.
    2. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location, and that no one is accessing it.
    3. Download BA10SP2.msp to a location other than the installation folder.
    4. Double-click the msp file to start the install process and follow the on screen instructions.
    5. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu select Preferences and then select the General tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #

    Issues Addressed with this Patch


      • NIM062750 [SP2] BA 10: Changing project directory does not refresh until restarting BA.
      • NIM064837 [SP2] Running Market Area Gap Analysis report does not produce expected results when the option to Use all features in is selected.
      • NIM066107 [SP2] If a non-standard install path is selected, the following layers will have red exclamation marks and need to be resourced: Major Lakes, States labels, States border, States labels, States labels (Regional) and Countries.
      • NIM067407 [SP2] Store Setup - When using Store Setup on map ready data and in the Business Analyst Web.mxd the tool will fail with an error.
      • NIM067434 [SP2] The defined analysis extent is not always honored when running tools. The current map extent is used instead.
      • CQ124127 [SP2] Shopping Centers Report – Centers With Store ID 2 Show Up On Page With Store ID 1 On The Page Header
      • CQ158120 [SP2] BA Message Center – Recent Map Documents – Add “Business Analyst Web.mxd” To The List
      • CQ160494 [SP2] Trade Area Wizard - Huff Equal Probability – Incorrectly Prompts For Attraction Variable
      • CQ161898 [SP2] Segmentation Study reports do not have report logos
      • CQ167963 [SP2] If BA Is Installed, the Size of Normal.mxt File Increases After Every Start of ArcMap
      • CQ168183 [SP2] Upload/Download Tool: In ArcMap upload report template dialog is unavailable
      • CQ169770 [SP2] Color-Coded Maps toolbar should reflect changes in symbology done via Layer Properties in TOC
      • CQ170071 [SP2] Large trade areas that do not intersect BGs return zeros with spatial overlay or reports
      • CQ171520 [SP2] Message Centre L10N
      • CQ171884 [SP2] Threshold Areas Memory Error
      • CQ171979 [SP2] Color-Coded Maps Error For Specific Field With Online Data
      • CQ172047 DemoCalc doesn't work if there is no Blocks layer in the dataset
      • CQ172507 [SP2] Detailed Business Locations Report – Header Wrap Issue
      • CQ174072 [SP2] BA Message Center Fails When Dataset XML Is Not Available
      • CQ174536 [SP2] Help – Customer Prospecting Help Button Yields "This program cannot display the webpage" Message
      • CQ176843 DemoCalc Indexes Crashes for Custom BDS from County Areas
      • CQ177413 [SP2] Message Center Text Edit – Change “ESRI” to “Esri”
      • CQ178400 [SP2] Error when running Online Reports with Standard Geography Trade Areas created from Online Data
      • CQ178401 Search and Filter Control Crashes For Calculated Field Setup Dialog
      • CQ180186 [SP2] Create new summarizations_us.xml that corrects the inconsistent index base values in the scripts for the CEX _I variables and correctly changes the SummaryType to be SUM instead of CALC.
      • CQ180463 [SP2] Customer Derived Trade Areas GP Tool Error If ‘Associated Store ID Field’ Field Is Left Empty
      • CQ180793 [SP2] Reports – Demographic and Income Profile Report – State Annual Trend Is Blank for BG and Tract Level Standard Geographies Trade Areas
      • CQ180822 DIVINDEX90 (1990 Diversity Index) yields negative values
      • CQ181477 [SP2] The Business Locator report is not properly summing up the business counts and sales per trade area
      • CQ189576 [SP2] BA Geoprocessing tools do not create an output when using %scratchworkspace%
      • CQ190264 Simple Rings fail if store layer ID field contains NULL values
      • CQ190267 [SP2] BA GP Tools misuse ScratchWorkspace setting
      • CQ190602 [SP2] BA 10: IDS_CANT_SAVE_ADDRESS_INTO_XML An unhandled exception is encountered using Evaluate Site Wizard by entering an address.
      • CQ191517 [SP2] Geoprocessing Environments Default Workspace Paths Incorrectly Set To User Path of a BA Development Employee
      • CQ191540 [SP2] Remove (Or Replace) Single Line Geocoder Functionality From Bing Search in BA Toolbar
      • CQ191894 Color-Coded Maps ‘Unknown error’ When ‘USACensus2010’ Hierarchy Is Active
      • CQ192391 [SP2] Remove the “380 New York St, Redlands, CA” Bing Search Box Tooltip on the BA Toolbar
      • CQ192881 BatchReports GP Tool Creates Reports With Incorrect Names in Case Shape File Is Used as Input
      • CQ192884 Core Segments Report Fails if Target Groups Parameter Is Used
      • CQ193089 Provide User-Friendly Error Message in Color-Coded Maps Toolbar for USACensus2010 Dataset
      • CQ193288 Threshold Rings with Drive Time option doesn't work with Japan dataset
      • CQ193624 Next() operation crashes on ArcGIS Server on IStyleGalleryItemEnum interface if the object wasn't released correctly on the previous run
      • CQ193647 [Dev] BDS layers fail to be decoded using DecodeFeatureLayer method
      • CQ194338 [SP2] Cannot use custom BDS layers based on CBSA and DMA
      • CQ194614 [SP2] Upload Operation: File Based Repo/SDE Repo.: Unhandled Exception:System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Win 7 & Vista
      • CQ194617 [SP2] Download Operation: File Based Repo: Unhandled Exception :: Win 7 & Vista & XP
      • CQ195517 Add updated Help files to BA10SP2 setup
      • CQ195729 Online Reports Do Not Work Via Proxy Server
      • CQ195735 QuickReports GP Tool cannot work with %scratchworkspace%
      • CQ195906 [SP2] Evaluate Site Drive Time with All Reports Being Created in All Available Formats Doesn't Work
      • CQ195907 [SP2] Custom Data Setup: When Double-Clicking Field Categories It Incorrectly Highlights the Category and Fields Below Instead of Moving Them to the Right
      • CQ195908 [SP2] Two Online US Datasets Are Displayed in the Available Reports List
      • CQ195909 [SP2] Custom BDS with CEX Variables Cannot Be Saved
      • CQ195910 [SP2] Modern and Classic Report Styles Are Duplicated in Report Style Drop-Down Menu
      • CQ196176 [SP2] SDE: Download operation: Internal BA Server/BA Desktop error
      • CQ196289 [SP2] Color-Coded Map (Online) – Layer Attributes Are Missing ID and Name Fields Which Are Needed For Labeling
      • CQ196326 [Dev] On some XP machines getting items from Business Analyst.severstyle fails in GP Tools on Server
      • CQ197214 Upload Project: When uploading a project to BA Server, the progress bar disappears long before the credentials challenge window opens.
      • CQ197443 [SP2] Color-Coded Maps – Using Custom Field From Custom BDS Results in Error
      • CQ197444 [SP2] Smart Map – Using Custom BDS Layer Results in Error or Freezing
      • CQ197476 Trade Area – Equal Competition (Thiessen) Results Are Odd, Jagged, and Non-contiguous For Large Extents
      • CQ197534 Reports and Spatial Overlay return all zeroes for a custom BDS based on esri_bg.bds with base type = "NONE"
      • CQ197572 [SP2] Smart Map Search doesn't work with newly add layers
      • CQ197573 [SP2] Smart Map Search - Cannot add "Urban Areas" layer to the map after processing

      Getting Help

      Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

      Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 2 DVD
      A DVD of this Service Pack is available for users who experience difficulties downloading the Service Pack from the web site. Simply fill out the Request a Service Pack DVD order form.

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