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BusinessMAP 3.0 Registry Clean-up Utility


This utility is for those users who experience problems during installation of BusinessMAP 3.0 where the installation doesn't complete enough to list BusinessMAP in the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog box. If only a partial installation was completed, users may receive a setup error because of the partial installation.


In order to clean the remnants of the previous installation attempt, users should do the following:

  1. Remove the temporary InstallShield folders under C:\windows\temp\. These folders start with IS_.
  2. Use the registry cleanup utility that will remove the BusinessMAP entries from your registry.
  3. If you still have problems with the installer (you don't get to the license agreement, etc.), double click on the isscript.msi file on theBusinessMAP #1 cd to reinstall the installer.
  4. Before running the installation, be sure to turn off your antivirus software. This version of InstallShield has a problem with the multi-volume installs when antivirus programs are running.

Getting Help

If you are still unable to reinstall BusinessMAP 3.0 after using this utility, please call 972-633-2603 or email

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