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Building Geodatabases with CASE Tools

Published: September 26, 2003


These documents show you how to design a geodatabase in UML with Visio or Rational Rose.


In addition to the help files below, at the Microsoft Download Center site you can download the UML To XMI Export tool for either Visio® 2003 version(11.XXXX.XXXX) or Visio® 2002 version(10.X.XXX).

ESRI supports Rational Rose 2002 and 2001A. We currently have no plans to support the recent version of Rational Software Architect and Rational Software Modeler.

For UML/XMI compatibility, Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional can be used as a CASE tool for geodatabase schema design. Microsoft Visio 2007 Service Pack 2 is required to complete the process. For further information, see the article on Can Microsoft Visio 2007 be used as a CASE tool for geodatabase schema design?

When you're finished creating a geodatabase, you'll have generated feature datasets, feature classes, tables, and other items from the design with ArcCatalog.

Useful Links:

  1. Geodatabase XRay Tools for GIS Design and Documentation. Search for "XRay" in ArcScripts
  2. Geodatabase Diagrammer (GDB Diagrammer) for documenting your geodatabase design.
    Information on GDB Diagrammer and search for “Geodatabase Diagrammer” in ArcScripts
  3. ArcGIS Diagrammer 9.2 for creating, editing, or analyzing geodatabase schema.
    Blog on ArcGIS Diagrammer 9.2 and search for “ArcGIS Diagrammer” in ArcScripts

Desktop Help links for Case Tools:

  1. Introduction to UML
  2. Geodatabase Design Steps
  3. Modifying the repository and generating schema
  4. A note about the use of UML for geodatabase design
  5. Copying the schema of a geodatabase

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