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Atlas GIS 4.0 Update Version 1.0

Published: November 19, 1998


This document contains the procedure for installing the Atlas GIS 4.0 Update 1.0, and highlights the bug fixes and enhancements included in this patch.


This update is only for 32-bit Atlas GIS 4.0 running on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0.DOCUMENT CONTENTS:A.  INSTALLING THE ATLAS GIS 4.0 UPDATE 1.0B.  BUG FIXES IN THIS UPDATEC.  ENHANCEMENTS TO ATLAS GIS 4.0 IN THIS UPDATED.  FILES INSTALLEDA.  INSTALLING THE ATLAS GIS 4.0 UPDATE 1.0After downloading ATLAS_UPDATE.exe, run the setup program by:1)  Navigating in a Windows browser to the directory where you downloaded     ATLAS_UPDATE.exe file to and double-clicking on the iconOr2)  Running \ATLAS_UPDATE.exe from the Start Menu where      represents the location of the ATLAS_UPDATE.exe program.Follow the on-screen directions which will prompt you to confirm the directory where the Atlas GIS 4.0 program is located.B.  BUG FIXES IN THIS UPDATEThe fixes in this update for Atlas GIS 4.0:1)  LINE STYLES - Includes a fix to the line style bug where several of the line     styles were either missing from the line style picker or were not the correct     line style.      When selected for a feature, these line styles would generate significant     display errors and could not be used.  This issue is fixed.2)  SHAPE FILE RECORD HEADERS- Fixes a problem with the way that Atlas GIS 4.0     would export a geo layer to a shape file;     now the record headers are properly written with the 'Big Endian' format.      This error would not effect shape files being read into ESRI's ArcView software,     but could have caused an error when working with other applications that read     shape files (*.shp).3)  Atlas Reports - This update will install any missing Atlas Reports files,     if necessary.C.  ENHANCEMENTS TO ATLAS GIS 4.0 IN THIS UPDATE1)  A new Query Builder application is included in this update.  This application     is run through FILE | SQL ACCESS to connect to spreadsheet, MS Access,     and other ODBC databases such as SQL Server.  It is a tool to query the     database connected to and write out a table (*.dbf) that can be opened     into Atlas GIS.This Query Builder connects to the most current file types of:      EXCEL      LOTUS      dBASE IV      ACCESS      and ODBC Datasources.An updated Agisw.hlp help file will be installed that includes information on using Query Builder.D.  FILES INSTALLED To the Windows System or System 32 directory (NT):ASYCFILT.DLL  COMCAT.DLL    COMCTL32.OCX COMDLG32.OCX msexcl35.dll msjet35.dll msjint35.dll msjter35.dll  Msltus35.dllMSRD2X32.DLL  msrepl35.dll MSVBVM50.DLL MSVCRT.DLL    msxbse35.dll OLEAUT32.DLL  OLEPRO32.DLL  STDOLE2.TLB   VB5DB.DLLTo the Atlas GIS 4.0 program directory:agis2.dllquerybld.exeagisw.hlp(The following installed if the Atlas Reports files are not found):areports.execrowwtab.rptdrilldwn.rptform.rptformletr.rptlabel.rptstandard.rpttopn.rptTo the Microsoft Shared DAO directory:dao350.dllThese files will replace existing files on your computer if the version and date of the installed file is more recent.

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