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ArcWeb Services REST 2006.1 API

Published: March 16, 2007


This is an explanation of the release of the ArcWeb Services REST 2006.1 API. Note: There are no downloads or updates necessary on your part; these changes are already on the ESRI servers.


To migrate your existing REST 2006 applications, update your URLs by changing v2006 to v2006_1. See ArcWeb Help at: for details.

The REST 2006.1 API has the following new functionality:

  • Turn vector layers on and off instead of viewing all available layers.
  • Obtain information about a service, such as layer name or scale information; you also can choose the sort order for the information returned.
  • Select from three satellite image data sources to create raster tile maps. You also can get copyright information for the raster tile data and request information about the raster tile images, such as, data source details and a list of available tiles for a specific location.
  • View a live sample using Flash.
  • Download samples for Flash, JSP, and .NET. Downloadable C# ASP.NET samples illustrate a basic map request with zoom, pan, and recenter the map on click functionality; the ability to turn off map layers with selected layers from the list not visible; and overlaying point, line, and polygon on a map. Downloadable Flash and JSP samples also demonstrate REST functionality.
  • See sample URLs for a demonstration of new functionality including raster tile requests, turning layers on and off, and getting service information.

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