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ArcWeb for Developers 2006 - Patch 2/15/06

Published: February 16, 2006


This is an explanation of the second patch to ArcWeb for Developers version 2006. There are no downloads or necessary updates on your part; these changes have already been made on the ESRI servers.


This patch requires no action on your part; this is a list of changes that have already been made on the server and provided here for your information.

Data sources are now case sensitive.

Address Manager now returns ZIP+4 for all data sources.

Address Manager with Canadian geocoding results no longer repeats X,Y coordinates.

Edit Data now allows more map choices and matches the Edit on Map to the geocoding source.

The data source ArcWeb:NT.Streets.EU now contains the Major Cities layer.

Phone number geocoding results no longer have trailing spaces.

Data Manager intersection matches that are being formatted now appear in the street column in the following format "Main St. AT 3rd Ave."

Wireless Location now charges properly for more than one telephone number.

Map Image now supports a transparent background color.

Fusing maps has improved performance.

The Map Image methods getBestMap and getBestMapArea with no acetate objects (point, line, polygon) now create the same correct extent.

You can now query by geocode status in Edit Data.

The Report method getCustomVariables now always returns fully spelled out "PERCENT".

Report no longer returns 1002 errors or -1 values.

You can now upload a file that contains an "ID" field.

Some error messages have revised text.

Download ID:1113

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