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ArcWeb for Developers 2006 - Patch 1/26/06

Published: February 13, 2006


This is an explanation of the first patch to ArcWeb for Developers version 2006. There are no downloads or necessary updates on your part; these changes have already been made on the ESRI servers.


This patch requires no action on your part; this is a list of changes that have already been made on the server and provided here for your information.

Users that cache the IP address of ArcWeb Services will no longer see an interruption of service when servers switch.

Map Image has improved performance.

Data Uploader now always pairs the address with the correct X,Y location.

Data uploads with a single record are now allowed.

Support for group credit allocation has been added

Map Image’s LayerLegend object is now supported.

Italian geocoding now works if you send in state/province.

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