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ArcWeb for Developers 2.0 - Patch 5/19/04

Published: May 19, 2004


This is an explanation of the eleventh patch to ArcWeb for Developers version 2.0. There are no downloads or necessary updates on your part; these changes have already been made on the ESRI servers.


There is no download or necessary updates on your part; this is a list of changes that have already been made on the server and provided here for your information.

Proximity's method findWithin using a projected line input now returns points.

AccountInfo's method getAvailableDataSources now returns all data sources.

AddressFiner's partial address geocoding using the method findAddress in Europe now uses PlaceFinder's ESRI.Gazetteer.World data source for all city lookups.

Proximity searches using TA.POI.EU with a whereClause now return results much faster.

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