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ArcWeb for Developers 2.0 - Patch 3/17/04

Published: March 16, 2004


This is an explanation of the tenth patch to ArcWeb for Developers version 2.0. There are no downloads or necessary updates on your part; these changes have already been made on the ESRI servers.


There is no download or necessary updates on your part; this is a list of changes that have already been made on the server and provided here for your information.

Detailed Guam data now available for Tele Altas U.S. maps.

More points of interest are now available in Proximity data sources GDT.POI.US and GDT.POI.CA.

The GDT.Streets.US Map Image data source now allows these layers to turn on at a more zoomed out resolution: U.S. Cities, Highways.

The following methods now cost zero credits: Address Finder's getCountries, Place Finder's getTypes, and Place Finder's getCountryCodes.

Circles with projected center points now appear on map images.

Maps with shapes drawn on them (i.e., circles, lines, polygons, and points) now generate more quickly.

Address Finder now requires Canadian province names in order to perform house-level Canadian geocoding.

USGS.Earthquakes.World Map Image data source is now free. The USGS data feed has been discontinued for security reasons; until we find a new data source, the service will charge zero credits.

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