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ArcWeb for Developers 2.0 - Patch 10/18/03

Published: October 8, 2003


This is an explanation of the fifth patch to ArcWeb for Developers version 2.0. There are no downloads or necessary updates on your part; these changes have already been made on the ESRI servers.


There is no download or necessary updates on your part; this is a list of changes that have already been made on the server and provided here for your information:

  • Thematic Map Image legend no longer displays multiple records for Block Groups and Tracts.
  • Proximity whereClause with double quotes value no longer throws Internal Server error.
  • Reverse geocoding now supports Canadian data. Use method getAddress with the data source GDT.Streets.CA
  • The Map Image scalebar is now correct.
  • US Counties list in Place Finder has been updated.

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