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ArcView Tracking Analyst Version 1.0 Patch for Windows and Solaris

Published: August 1, 1999


This patch resolve a number of problems with ArcView Tracking Analyst 1.0.


This patch resolves the following problems for ArcViewTracking Analyst users.

  • New real-time data format definition file added for TAIP (Windows only).
  • Refresh and display of real-time data adjusts with the frequency of data received.
  • Avenue enumerations added to TrackingEnvironment to allow user to customize the refresh and display frequency of real-time data.
  • Avenue request added to TrackConnect to clear the data buffer from a real-time feed (Windows only).
  • Time Window values reflected properly in textual display (Windows only).
  • Tracking theme table editing and saving improved (Windows only).
  • Highlight actions don't display when GeoEvent display is disabled (Windows only).
  • When polygon feature background set to transparent, feature selection works properly (Windows only).
  • Units added to datum.par file (Windows only).
  • No longer receive a DOS window with message Reentrancy Count 2 on a real-time feed .
  • Attribute Actions improved (i.e. will disregard any trailing blanks in field) (Windows only).
  • Error message reports if the .fed or the .daf files used in a saved project have been changed.
  • Deleting a polygon theme previously connected to a track Action no longer gives error message.
  • The socket suspend problem has been resolved (Solaris only).

You must already have ArcView Version 3.1 and ArcView Tracking Analyst Version 1.0 installed to use this patch.

Installation Instructions for Sun Solaris

  1. Download the TAR and compressed file ta10p_sol.tar.Z.
  2. Copy the file into your existing arcview3 directory.
    % cp ta10p_sol.tar.Z $AVHOME
  3. Uncompress the .Z file
    % uncompress ta10p_sol.tar.Z
  4. Untar the TAR file in your current arcview3 directory. This ensures the existing files are updated.
    % tar -xvf ta10p_sol.tar
  5. Open and read the tracking.txt file for more information about the ArcView Tracking Analyst Version 1.0 Patch for Solaris. The file is located in the $AVHOME/avdocs directory.

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