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ArcView Tracking Analyst Patch to fix GPS unit power-up

Published: April 15, 2002


The Tracking Analyst does not automatically power up a connected Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. This can be a problem with GPS units that do not have external controls for turning on the power. This patch fixes this problem.


Some GPS units require that the RTS line of the serial port be enabled to power on. If the RTS line is not enabled, the GPS unit does not power on. The original COM Port Handler program for Tracking Analyst does not signal the RTS line, because the majority of hand-held commercial GPS units are powered on manually.

To fix this problem, download the revised comhndlr.exe file and replace the original comhndlr.exe with the new version.

  1. Back up the existing comhndlr.exe file.
    A. Navigate to the arcview\bin32 folder of your ArcView install.
    B. Rename the comhndlr.exe file "original_comhndlr.exe".
  2. Download the new comhndlr.exe from the linked page below and save it to the arcview\bin32 folder of your ArcView install.
  3. Now run your test as normal. When you add the local feed to your view you may see a black DOS window pop up. Ignore or minimize this window, but do not close it. Switch back to ArcView and continue working with your GPS, which should now be working.

For updates, check the technical article Tracking Analyst does not power up the GPS unit.

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