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ArcView 3.1 Patch

Published: March 1, 1999


This patch resolves a number of problems with ArcView 3.1 on PC and Unix.


This patch resolves the following problems for ArcView Version 3.1 users.

  • ArcView Version 3.1 fails to export TIF image from layout to EPS file at certain scales
    Layouts from a View that contain a TIF file can now be exported to an Enhanced PostScript (EPS) file. The TIF file can also be printed in ArcPress. However, if a linear stretch has been applied to an image, the image will not print at 600 dpi.
  • Draw time of image catalogs increases with large image catalogs
    In ArcView Version 3.1, the draw time of image catalogs increased when the extent was zoomed. This issue has been resolved.
  • Accessing libraries with empty tiles causes Segmentation Violations
    If an ArcInfo map library had an area containing tiles with no data, an error would occur. This error also occurred when trying to add library layers as themes if the tiles of the layer within the current Area of Interest lack data.
  • Geocoding files missing from installation (Windows only)
    This patch resolves the problem of "ZIP+4" or "ZIP+4 Range" address style, where locating a single ZIP+4 code or matching a table of ZIP+4 code against these themes cause an error.
  • Fonts and symbols not installed with ArcView Version 3.1 (Windows only)
    Two issues with fonts found in ArcView Version 3.1 have been resolved.
    1. The municipal symbol palette has been updated. The new palette installed with this patch includes all symbols listed in the Using ArcView Version 3.1 book.
    3. If you are using the English version of ArcView on a non-English version of Windows NT or Windows 95/98, the symbol fonts that ESRI ships with the English version of ArcView may not work. This patch installs fonts which will work correctly with non-English versions of Windows NT or Windows 95/98.
  • Adminlicense does not recognize the new ArcView 3.1 feature line (UNIX only)
    When the adminlicense utility is used with the verify option the ArcView31 feature line is reported as an unknown feature.

You must already have ArcView Version 3.1 installed to use this patch installation.

Installation Instructions for Unix Users

  1. Download the TAR and compressed file for your platform.
  2. Copy the file into your existing arcview3 directory.
    % cp filename.tar.Z $AVHOME
  3. Uncompress the .Z file
    % uncompress filename.tar.Z
  4. Untar the TAR file in your current arcview3 directory. This ensures the existing files are updated.
    % tar -xvf filename.tar
  5. Open and read the 31patch.readme file for more information about the ArcView GIS Version 3.1 Patch. The file is located in the $AVHOME/avdocs directory.

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