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ArcView 3.0b Update for Unix

Published: October 1, 1997


ArcView Version 3.0b for UNIX is a minor update that is required for all extensions released after the ArcView Version 3.0a UNIX release. There is no additional functionality or major revisions with this release of core ArcView.


ArcView Version 3.0b for UNIX is a minor update that is required for all extensions released after the ArcView Version 3.0a UNIX release. There is no additional functionality or major revisions with this release of core ArcView. ArcView Version 3.0b update for UNIX also includes the new Dialog Designer Extension. The Dialog Designer Extension allows you to create cutom interfaces and dialogs to your applications.

Existing UNIX ArcView Version 3.0a users can download the ArcView Version 3.0b patch. A CD-ROM of the software update can also be obtained by calling ESRI Customer Service at 888-377-4575.

You must have ArcView Version 3.0a installed and working correctly before installing the 3.0b patch. If you do not have version 3.0a, please contact ESRI Customer Service at 888-377-4575, for a free copy.

To determine which version of ArcView you are currently using, click on the "About ArcView" option under the "Help" menu.

System requirements for ArcView Version 3.0b

This section provides information about the system requirements for installing and using ArcView on UNIX computers. It contains information such as the supported operating systems and supported database management systems (DBMS). This information is vital if you are responsible for installing ArcView or configuring UNIX workstations on which ArcView is to be installed. This section is organized by platform and operating system. The following information is presented for each platform:

Required system environment: Gives details about the operating systems required to run ArcView, required window manager, memory requirement, swap space, and run-time environment (where applicable).

DATABASE INTEGRATOR System Requirements: Describes the database products and release versions that are supported by ArcView Version 3.0b. These are required to access attribute data in relational DBMSs from ArcView.

ArcView Version 3.0b System Requirements

PlatformOperating SystemWindow ManagerMemory*Swap Space*
Digital UNIXDigital UNIX V4.0CDE or Motif64 MB75 MB
HP® 9000/700HP-UX®
10.20 (700 series, 8x7 series)
CDE or HP VUE32 MB100 MB
IBM® RS/6000AIX® 4.1.4
(RTE -Supplied by ESRI)
CDE or AIXWindows Rev. MB64 MB
SGIIRIX 6.2 with patches SG0001717, SG0002086, SG0002161, SG0002044 and 6.2_POSIX patch set.**6.2 based on OSF/Motif 1.2.464 MB100 MB
Sun Solaris® 2.xSolaris 2.5 (SunOS 5.5)CDE or OpenWindows32 MB100 MB

* Memory and swap space are based on a single user.
** These patches can be obtained from SGI's Web site

DATABASE INTEGRATOR system requirements:

DATABASE INTEGRATOR software accesses the DBMS through its own networking module (e.g., Oracle's SQL *Net®). It only requires that the basic DBMS kernel and the networking tools be available from the remote node. All DBMS modules can reside on the server node. The networking implementation of the various DBMSs will dictate whether a remote DBMS connection starts a process on the remote node or on the server.

Digital UNIX7.20. UC3 (ONLINE) (Oracle7 Server) (Oracle7 Server)
11.0.1 (SQL Server)1.2
HP 9000/7007.11.UC1 (ONLINE)
7.20.UC3 (ONLINE) with ESQL 7.11.UC1* (Oracle7 Server) (Oracle7 Server)
11.0.1 (SQL Server)1.2*
IBM RS/60007.20.UC2 (ONLINE) with ESQL
7.11.UC1 (ONLINE) with ESQL (Oracle7 Server) (Oracle7 Server)
10.0.2 (SQL Server)
11.0.1 (SQL Server)
1.1/04 and 1.2*
with ESQL 7.20.UC2* (Oracle7 Server)10.0.2 (SQL Server)NA
Solaris 2.x7.11.UC2 (ONLINE)
7.20.UC2 (ONLINE) with ESQL 7.11.UC2* (Oracle7 Server) (Oracle7 Server)
10.0.2 (SQL Server)
11.0.1 (SQL Server)

*These verisons may not have been fully tested.

ArcView Version 3.0b Install Instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTE:This update will OVERWRITE existing default.apr and arcview.cnt file. If you have customized your system default.apr or arcview.cnt files, you will need to make the same changes to the new files.

  1. Download the TAR and compressed file for your platform.
  2. Copy the file into your existing arcview3 directory.
    % cp filename.tar.Z $AVHOME
  3. Uncompress the Z file
    % uncompress filename.tar.Z
  4. Untar the TAR file in your current arcview3 directory. This ensures the existing files are updated.
    % tar xvf filename.tar.Z
  5. Open and read the av30binstall.html file for more information about ArcView Version 3.0b, this file is located in $AVHOME/avdocs.

File sizes range in size from 13 to 20 MB.

NOTE: Dialog Designer extension provides a complete reference guide as well as a tutorial in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view and print PDF files, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

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