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ArcSDE 9.0 Java API Patch 2

Published: July 29, 2004


This Patch is now obsolete. It has been superceded by the ArcSDE 9.0 Service Pack 2.


This Patch is now obsolete. It has been superceded by the ArcSDE 9.0 Service Pack 2.


ESRI is pleased to announce the ArcSDE 9.0 Java API Patch 2. This patch is required for the 9.0 final version of the Java API. This Patch includes the issue addressed in the ArcSDE 9.0 Java API Patch and some additional performance and maintenance issues. It deals specifically with the issues listed below under Issues Fixed with this Patch.

Issues Fixed with this Patch

CQ00161843 - Error retrieving Layers if the Coordinate Reference Projection description has blank space characters.

CQ00236209 - The method SeShape.changeCoordRef() returns a NullPointerException.

CQ00236518 - SeShape.generateBuffer() returns a "NullPointerException" with some polygon features.

CQ00237120 - SeShape.union() returns “-154 Multipart area has overlapping parts” error.

CQ00237267 - Using SE_LOCK_POLICY connection concurrency policy, with dynamic bind, hangs Java API applications.

CQ00237881 - If you use the 9.0 final version of the Java API is to update a feature class that supports CAD data(all feature classes created via ArcCatalog support CAD data), all features updated by the Java API application may be corrupted. Any attempt to read the updated features from the feature class will return a "-134: THE GIVEN SHAPE OBJECT HANDLE IS INVALID" error.

CQ00240742 - Spatial query fetch fails if SeQuery.setSpatialConstraints() is invoked with argument calcMasks set to true.

CQ00243448 - New jar file concurrent.jar, required for PE performance functions, added to 9.0 Java API install.

CQ00243459 - SeShape.generateBuffer() fails on some polygon features.

CQ00247502 - generateBuffer on polygons returns ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.

Files Installed in this Patch

Under the %SDEHOME%\lib folder:

All Databases Java SDK


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