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ArcPress Version 2.0 Patch for ArcView (PC and Unix)

Published: July 22, 1999


This patch resolves a Year 2000 problem with the Banner date option.


This patch resolves the following problems for ArcPress for ArcView users.

  • The ArcPress banner option, -B{file} displayed the year portion of the date incorrectly when in the year 2000 or beyond. ArcPress calculated the number of years since 1900 then prepended "19" to that amount. Thus, in the year 2000, an ArcPress banner date previously read "19100."
    This minor display issue did not affect in any way the proper printing of the output file.

Note:You must already have ArcView and ArcPress Version 2.0 for ArcView installed to use this patch.

Installation Instructions for Unix

  1. Download the compressed tar file.
  2. Copy the file into your existing arcview3 directory.
    % cp filename.tar.Z $AVHOME
  3. Uncompress the .Z file.
    % uncompress filename.tar.Z
  4. Untar the TAR file in your current arcview3 directory. This ensures the existing files are updated.
    % tar –xvf filename.tar
  5. Open and read the arcpress.html file for more information about the ArcPress Version 2.0 Patch for ArcView. The file is located in the $AVHOME/avdocs directory.

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