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ArcPad StreetMap 6.0.1 Windows CE.NET (CE 4.2) Support


This patch extends ArcPad StreetMap 6.0.1 platform support to Windows CE 4.2 devices. It provides the same high quality data as well as geocoding, reverse-geocoding and advanced routing functionality already available to ArcPad StreetMap users on Pocket PC platform. Existing ArcPad StreetMap 6.0.1 users who wish to use the extension on their CE.NET instead of Pocket PC devices are encouraged to download this update.


Installing this Update

Since this Update replaces ArcPad StreetMap GDT Dataset files, the data must be installed locally before you can install this Update.

  • Make sure you have write access to your GDT Dataset installation folder, and that no one is using ArcPad StreetMap Data Extractor.
  • Download the update to your local machine.
  • Double-click the setup file to start the install process.
  • When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

Once the update is installed click on Start->Programs->ArcGIS->ArcPad->StreetMap-> Install ArcPad StreetMap 6.0.1 for CE 4.2 to install the extension on your device.


  • This Update must be applied to a desktop machine with preinstalled ActiveSync 3.7 or later - a synchronization software available freely from Microsoft.
  • ArcPad StreetMap 6.0.1 is not supported on Windows CE versions prior to 4.2.
  • Existing users will need to re-register their extension at upon installing the update to reflect the change of the platform. Please follow registration information displayed in ArcPad during the load of StreetMap data.

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