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Patches and updates

ArcPad 10 with Service Pack 1

Published: November 16, 2010


This Service Pack contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes.


It is recommended that all ArcPad 10.0 customers download and install this Service Pack to ensure the highest quality experience when working with ArcPad 10.0. This service pack install contains the full ArcPad 10 release as well as the issues addressed for Service Pack 1.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack


ArcPad Camera and Photo Layers

  • The last size and position of the ArcPad Camera window (desktop only) is now saved as the default for the next time the window appears.
  • Photo layer icons are now updated after pictures taken by the ArcPad Camera.
  • The ArcPad Camera OK button (on Windows desktop) no longer appears grayed out at all times or overlaps the preview portion of the window when the window is resized.
  • Start time for the ArcPad Camera has been improved on devices that can operate in either landscape or portrait.

ArcGIS Online and Raster Layers

  • Improved support for tiff images, with particular attention to CCITT T.6 Group 4 compressed rasters.
  • ArcGIS Online tiles now have an .aux.xml file containing the projection WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere.
  • The unexpected white line when drawing JP2 rasters on Windows Mobile has been removed.
  • Users can now choose to download all ArcGIS Online tiles within the map extent, at a nominated cache level, with script. New properties of CurrentLevel and RequestedLevel, have been added to the ArcPad Object Model e.g., Map.Layers(“World_Street_map.nmf”).ExProperties(“CurrentLevel”).


  • GPS, GLONASS, and GNSS satellites are distinguished in the GPS Position Window.
  • Activating the GPS when launching a new QuickProject has been made more robust, eliminating errors (e.g., Error code 5) previously experienced on some hardware.
  • GPS on Windows XP rugged Tablet PCs can now be turned off successfully using the GPS Activate/Deactivate tool.


  • Points and polylines can now be created simultaneously in AXF layers similarly to shapefile layers.
  • Buttons no longer cover the list of available maps when resizing the Open Map dialog box on desktop ArcPad.
  • Buttons located in Path, Hyperlink, Camera, Rangefinder, and Font Preferences can now be scaled. Use the new control in Toolbar settings—Dialog Button Size—to control size independently of the Toolbar Button Size.
  • Case sensitivity is enforced in ArcPad for symbology classification codes, ensuring that coded values are saved correctly and match coded value domains in the parent geodatabase.
  • Exiting ArcPad from the QuickAction menu no longer crashes ArcPad.
  • The Map Objects OnClose event now also works if a New or Open action is performed, whilst there is a current map document (previously the event worked only when ArcPad exited.)
  • You can now pinch/reverse pinch to zoom in/out on a multi touch screen.
  • When you use a mouse wheel to zoom in/out, the current position of the mouse cursor is now treated as the center of the zoom in/out, keeping that position in focus.

ArcPad Data Manager

  • The checkout of data to a network location now also includes edit forms. Note: This change has been made to both the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS 9.3. All other changes have been made to the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS 10 only.
  • The checkout of features with a large number of fields has been made more robust.
  • Related table forms created at checkout now ensure that the form name and feature table names match, meaning forms display correctly.
  • QuickProjectToGeodatabase now gets installed to the expected file location, ensuring that the script works as designed.
  • An empty legend for the Unique Values symbology no longer crashes ArcMap Data Manager on checkout.
  • Layer definitions (APL) in AXF that refer to missing or incorrect fields no longer crash ArcPad on opening; a serious error is instead reported to the user.


  • ArcPad opens successfully when ArcPad.apx has been customized to contain no toolbars (i.e., when users choose to place toolbars in an applet).
  • Tools listed in the ArcPad toolbar now all contain descriptions.
  • Forms stored in ArcPad.apx no longer cause an error message after closing ArcPad.
  • An OnPointerdown event used in custom code no longer removes all map adornments (e.g., Map Navigator, North Arrow, console).


  • Spatial views have been added to the list of unsupported data types for the ArcPad Data Manager in the topic Preparing your Data for ArcPad. Users are encouraged to use definition queries to achieve a similar result.
  • GPS and navigation documentation have been added and updated to include reference to support for GLONASS and GNSS satellites.
  • Related tables must appear in the .mxd file in order for related table forms to be created at checkout. The Get Data for ArcPad and the Related tables topics have been modified.
  • The Troubleshooting Synchronization page has been added for using the ArcGIS Server ArcPad extension.

Installing the Service Pack on Windows

For software download and installation instructions, please proceed to the Customer Care Portal and login for your organization.

Obtaining a DVD copy of the Service Pack

A DVD of this Service Pack is available for users who experience difficulties downloading the Service Pack from the web site. Simply fill out the Request a Service Pack DVD order form.

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