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ArcLogistics Route Plug-ins

Published: May 29, 2003


Add custom functionality to ArcLogistics Route by adding new tools or attaching a pre process or post process to standard tools.


The following plug-ins are currently available:

  • EDIT COMBINED -This plugin allows the user to select and edit multiple objects at once - either unassigned Orders or Vehicles.
  • EDIT ROUTES -This plugin allows users to increase vehicle hard constraints such as capacities, and maximum time or travel length, on routes that have Orders already assigned to them.
  • RAS UPLOAD -The plugin has been designed for distribution companies using RAS and CRM software who require the following information uploaded once routing has been completed using ArcLogistics Route; Order Number, Vehicle Name, Sequence of delivery.
  • XY EXPORT -This plugin is a simple export of the latitude (Y) and longitude (X) coordinates of all geocoded orders from the Orders Inbox.
  • PDA EXPORT -This plugin facilitates the use of routes that have been generated in ArcLogistics Route to be placed and viewed in ArcPad. This allows operators and drivers with mobile devices to visualize their routes in small handheld units.

These plug-ins are as-is and are unsupported. For help or technical assistance, please visit the ArcLogistics Route Discussion Forum.

Contents of Plug-in Download File
Each plug-in download file is a zip file containing all of the components for the plug-in.

Installing Plug-ins

  1. Create a Plugins directory under <ArcLogistics Route Install Directory>\ArcLogistics Route .
  2. Download the plug-in you wish to install:  (ZIP format, 149kb)   (ZIP format, 38kb)  (ZIP format, 107kb)  (ZIP format, 13kb)  (ZIP format, 342kb)

  3. Use WinZip to extract the downloaded zip file to the Plugins directory. Upon extraction a subfolder will be created reflecting the plug-in you have installed.


Each plug-in folder will contain documentation specific to that plug-in.

Additional Plug-ins
Check the Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional plug-ins. New information about ArcLogistics Route plug-ins will be posted here.

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