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ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 10.2

Published: February 27, 2014


This version of the ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit provides tools and documentation that let you create and share custom metadata styles that use the validation capabilities provided in the ArcGIS metadata editor with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.


Customizations that change how you view and export metadata, validate metadata using an XML schema, and reduce the number of pages available in the ArcGIS metadata editor require no programming. However, the Toolkit also provides the complete source code for the metadata editor’s pages, based on the 10.2 release of ArcGIS for Desktop, if you want to change how they work. The documentation walks you through the process of creating a custom page and adding it into the ArcGIS metadata editor, modifying the contents of a dropdown list, and changing the validation rules associated with pages in the ArcGIS metadata editor.


  1. Download the ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 10.2 and unzip it.
  2. Within the zip file is the 'ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 10.2.x.pdf' document which details the System Requirements and purpose of this Toolkit.

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