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ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.3 Service Pack 1 - for 2008 Data

Published: November 3, 2008


ESRI is pleased to announce a service pack for ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.3. This update is only for those who have installed Business Analyst 9.3 with 2008 Data, also known as Build 9.3.050.


You can only install this service pack locally using the msp file. The automatic update is available for Business Analyst Service Pack 2

Important Notes:

To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
This is designed for users who are unable to access the update via the automatic update utility in Business Analyst due to local security protocols.

  1. You must have ArcMap and ArcCatalog closed.
  2. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location, and that no one is accessing it.
  3. Download BA93SP1.msp to a location other than the installation folder.
  4. Double-click the msp file to start the install process and follow the on screen instructions.
  5. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu select Preferences and then select the General tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #

Update History
November 3, 2008: Service pack (build 93.1.85) available

Resolved Issues (update build #93.1.85):

  • NIM036861 Locator Report: When store layer has one numerical field selecting customer ID drop down results in half the field getting cut off in the list
  • NIM037385 Variables do not keep their name in the xml when creating custom reports
  • NIM037681 When Using The "us_notap_2008_93.sdlic" Data License The Report Wizard Dialog Is Incorrectly NOT Showing The “Comprehensive Report” Or The “Comprehensive Trend Report”
  • NIM038178 Add Business Listing fails to add when location is set to current extent or polygonal layer when output data format is set to File Geodatabase in Preferences
  • NIM038257 Results of Sub Geography layer does not identify which polygon the geographies are in
  • NIM038442 Locator Report: When using a business extract based on a city location and name the Locator Report processes on all of the businesses
  • NIM031716 BASpain: Changing address locator service in Preferences does not change the address locator service used within the Segmentation Module
  • CQ41625 Crystal Report Viewer - Group tree item not corresponding to correct report
  • CQ47927 Error using "Assign Customers by ID" GP Tool - Possible corruption of customer layer
  • CQ53232 Choosing "Print Now" option for Segmentation Study results in a Save As dialog for a .mdi file
  • CQ53647 Hard-coded reference to "state, county, ZIP Code and CBSA" in Customer Geographic Summary
  • CQ53766 Set default to right-justify column headers in select custom reports
  • CQ55686 Study Area Wizard - Need pop-up tips for long names in geography lists
  • CQ57576 Add Business Listings: AND/OR switching works slowly
  • CQ58197 Unchecking "Fill Trade Area rings" does not work for Drive Times
  • CQ58318 Re-word "...Please close the ArcSOM ..." Message so it is easier to comprehend
  • CQ58905 Standard Levels of Geography - When selecting from "Geography Tree" add "US by..." check box option for Block Groups, Census Tracts, ZIP Codes, and Counties
  • CQ60032 Customer Derived Areas - By trade area - clean up "No customers found..." error message
  • CQ65446 Re-word the "Show Business Analyst Assistant" Warning so it is easier to comprehend
  • CQ65562 Add an Image/Hint for Customer Assigning Using SOLAP Data
  • CQ65563 Customer Demographic Comparison Report formatting and wrapping issues
  • CQ65721 Study Areas - Cannot see annotations for selected features on "Map" tab of the Wizard
  • CQ65795 Customer Prospecting error if no variables are selected
  • CQ65852 Study Area - Name already exists message not showing up when creating new project
  • CQ66056 Study Areas - Manage Existing Study Areas - Improper selection behavior
  • CQ67667 Standard Levels of Geography - Set search tab defaults to match selected geography units
  • CQ67810 View Segmentation Profile window Average Volumetric column should be right-justified like all other numeric columns
  • CQ67902 Locator Report Finish button is available if no output option is selected
  • CQ67973 Output message box of sales forecast for the Huff model should default to two decimal places
  • CQ68071 Segmentation Module - Market Potential Volume Report Wizard - text change
  • CQ69902 Market Penetration - "T" in "Trade Area" getting chopped off on last dialog
  • CQ70259 Modeling Analysis: List of features for GDB store layer is empty
  • CQ74776 Segmentation Module - Select profiles from survey data - Back Button Disabled
  • CQ75254 Segmentation Module - Four Quadrant (Game Plan) Chart - No unit difference warning
  • CQ76959 Mean Store Center GP Tool - image not imbedded in report
  • CQ77821 Trade Area Wizard - More Ring Values - modify not enabled & can't select more than one value to delete
  • CQ77823 Data Driven Rings - Too many decimal places for resulting radius value
  • CQ77884 Distance Decay Report GP Tool has incorrect report title
  • CQ78046 Segmentation - Game Plan Chart Report - No base difference Warning
  • CQ78213 Segmentation - Customer Demographic Profile Report is freezing
  • CQ80618 Shopping Center Report - Blank last page
  • CQ82609 Executive Summary Report - Text wrapping issue
  • CQ82998 Retail Expenditure Report - Name and Title fields are not correct when run in batch mode
  • CQ84293 Trade Area Penetration - Using trade area without proper store ID field results in error
  • CQ85357 Help - Trade Area Wizard - "Draw Area" page Help button is not activated
  • CQ85430 Trade Area Wizard - Append demographic variables (Spatial Overlay) - Default layer name appears twice
  • CQ91130 Reports - Comprehensive Profile - formatting and basic fixes
  • CQ91592 Report naming and export improvements
  • CQ91675 Preferences - Dataset Tab - Add mouse-over pop-up text to show full paths
  • CQ91789 Study Area - When file geodatabase is chosen for "Select output data format" in Preferences output is actually still a shapefile
  • CQ91811 Wrong size of Drive Distance polygons with StreetMap algorithm used
  • CQ92191 Distance Decay Report GP Tool - "Output Feature Class: Value is required" message
  • CQ92216 Trade Area Wizard - Non-overlapped Rings error with large number of stores (Ex. 5,000+)
  • CQ92235 Custom Patterns - Advanced Editor - scripts with missing variables are not deleted
  • CQ92282 Distance Decay Areas: Total Households should be the default value for total market counts
  • CQ92284 Base pattern is not shown when custom report template is being modified
  • CQ92295 Segmentation Study - Invalid reports shouldn't appear in the list of existing reports
  • CQ92356 Match Level Summary Report - BA is not handling records that are matched to the Zip4 locator correctly
  • CQ92356 Segmentation - Match Level Summary Report - Records that are matched to the Zip4 locator are incorrect
  • CQ92389 SOLAP Store/Customer Setup fails
  • CQ92390 Segmentation Reports from BA Toolbox has incorrect default output folder
  • CQ92436 Segmentation - Match Level Summary Report - "City and State" Locator references need to be removed
  • CQ92467 Add warning when user attempts to use non-indexed data to all code areas where it is appropriate
  • CQ92534 BA Desktop Upload/Download Component "Select Business Analyst Server" tooltip shows incorrect URL
  • CQ92625 Custom Reports: The Advanced Editor Template Patterns were not updated for the variable changes for 2008 Data
  • CQ93077 Drive Time Speed Units should be written to dataset registry key
  • CQ93437 Measure Cannibalization error when print option is selected
  • CQ93445 Find Similar error - Defined bound for PCA is too high
  • CQ93516 Segmentation - Sorts do not toggle
  • CQ93981 Territories: The TD layer properties page works incorrectly
  • CQ93996 Reports selection page: Always show tooltips for report names
  • CQ94223 Empty rows in Geography Tree after search
  • CQ94228 Wrong number of selected units after changing component geography units
  • CQ94237 Geography Level Category exception while data is moving from the right side to the left side
  • CQ94238 Geography Level Category out of memory exception in "Block groups"
  • CQ94324 Segmentation - Create Target Groups - ArcMap crashes when editing trendline chart properties
  • CQ95253 Segmentation - Target Penetration Map error with file geodatabase selected for "Select output data format" in Preferences
  • CQ95334 Comprehensive Profile - Update to 2008 year on report for segmentation data
  • CQ95353 Standard Levels of Geography - checked row in Geography Tree after transferring data to the listview
  • CQ95354 Standard Levels of Geography - collapsed row in Geography Tree after transferring data to the Geography Tree
  • CQ95356 Customer/Store Setup incorrectly create layers without spatial indexes
  • CQ95443 No spatial index warning message shown 2 times on page, no spatial index warning message shown for disabled layers
  • CQ95484 Thematic Mapping Wizard - Cancel button doesn't work properly
  • CQ95490 Trade Area Analysis Extent inconsistency - Drive Times not honoring current extent setting
  • CQ95491 Market Profile Report issues when a whole layer is used
  • CQ95504 Segmentation - Core & Development Segments Report - Wrong text inserted
  • CQ95512 Segmentation - Geographic Customer Summary Report and Customer Demographic Profile Report do not give warning when customer layer does not have a spatial index
  • CQ95621 Segmentation - Customer Demographic Profile Report - "US Background (Regional and Local)" layer incorrectly shows up in the "Select geography level" field
  • CQ95622 Change behavior of Select Survey Profiles window
  • CQ95816 Measure Cannibalization and Track Trade Area Change - Both creating trade area layer incorrectly called "Spatial Overlay"
  • CQ95823 There is a difference in values between custom and standard BDS layers
  • CQ95882 Add new BA CHM Help to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\help for BA93SP1
  • CQ95883 Replace existing BA_Detailed.mxd and .lyr file in BA93SP1
  • CQ95955 Replace new TD CHM Help to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\help for BA93SP1
  • CQ96028 Data Menu - "Add Business Listings..." tool creates layers without spatial indexes
  • CQ96228 Segmentation Study - Customer Demographic Profile Report GP function failed error"
  • CQ96464 Trade Area - Drive Times - Changing the "Speed Limits template" has No apparent affect
  • CQ96467 BA Update generates unnecessary TLB files in ArcGIS\Bin folder
  • CQ96374 Age Report, Household Report, Population Report, Race Report - Default generic map is inserted even with "Insert Map Image..." unchecked
  • CQ96598 Registry values are left behind after uninstalling BA Desktop
  • CQ99999 Multiple UI or report template grammatical fixes throughout

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