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ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2 Service Pack - for 2006 Data

Published: May 25, 2007


ESRI is pleased to announce a service pack for ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2. This service pack resolves several issues with the Business Analyst extension. NOTE: This update is only for those who have installed the Business Analyst 9.2 with 2006 Data, also known as Build 9.2.231. Updated May 22, 2007 to Build 238. If you have installed Business Analyst 9.2 with 2007 Data, also known as Build 9.2.251, do not install this service pack.


Please make sure you have ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 2 installed before applying this update. This can be downloaded from the following location:


To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
This is designed for users who are unable to access the update via the automatic update utility in Business Analyst due to local security protocols.


  1. You must have ArcMap or ArcCatalog closed.
  2. Create a new folder on your local system called BA9Update.
  3. Download and save the onto a local drive and then unzip the contents into the folder that you created in step 2. When you have completed unzipping this file verify that the following 3 files have been extracted: BA9AUDescription.XML, BA9Update2.exe, and
  4. Do not unzip the as the BA9Update2.exe will automatically extract the information contained in this file during the update process.
  5. Double click the BA9Update2.exe and follow the on screen instructions.
  6. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst menu drop down menu select Preferences and then select the General Tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #9.2.238).

Update History
May 22, 2007: Service pack (build 238) available

Resolved Issues (update build #238):

  • CQ48148 When creating a new custom report template: unable to add all of the fields.
  • CQ48146 Success and error messages in Custom Reports wizard show before Progress Dialog is closed.
  • CQ43976 Set Analysis Extent - Jump To Location Error
  • CQ48008 Creating custom report fails with a custom logo
  • CQ47984 Problems Thematically Mapping Calculated Variables In Custom BDS Layers
  • CQ47980 Reports Wizard - "Export reports to file" Option Causing Error
  • CQ48563 Summarize points report fails when run on a Study Area created from graphic.
  • CQ48361 Match codes not being populated in the attributes of point layer for Site prospecting
  • CQ48679 Segmentation target group Right and Left arrows become grayed out when you move a selected variable to the left.
  • CQ48764 Match Level Summary Report - Incorrect Match Level List Sort Order
  • CQ48201 Desire Lines Tool Deletes Output Data When It Is Run With One of Use Selected Features Options
  • CQ48200 Reports for Multiple Layers Does Not Work with Export Report Option
  • CQ48363 Market Profile Report - Descriptive Text Is Wrapping Below Divider Line
  • CQ48429 The Manage tools for Create Target Groups is not working with the Modify option.
  • CQ47210 Core & Development Segments Report - Fields are Not Defaulting Correctly
  • CQ48405 A Renamed Layer in the Project Explore Can't Be Deleted From the TOC Via Project Explorer
  • CQ47916 Segmentation Study - Game Plan Chart Dialog is Missing Percent Composition Threshold and Index Threshold Fields
  • CQ47770 Hitting enter when naming a target group causes dialog to close
  • CQ48373 Business Analyst Preferences: Show callout bubbles in reports is not working
  • CQ48154 Segmentation reports: the selection of segmentation method is ignored (threshold values are always used)
  • CQ48257 Advanced Editor field length is being truncated in outputted reports
  • CQ48127 Missing Title on Segmentation Module Bar Chart Report - Profile comparison bar chart
  • CQ47991 Map layout report works incorrectly.
  • CQ47651 Changing apportionment defaults in Preferences for one method affects all other methods.
  • CQ48999 Market Penetration Trade Area does not Work if It Is Selected to Generate Report.
  • CQ49060 Threshold Rings do not work if Threshold layer is not BDS
  • CQ49062 Wrong General Report Is Created When Using Site Prospecting Layer
  • CQ48422 Locator reporting returning negative values on the report.
  • CQ46961 Existing Segmentation Study list is enabled all the time.
  • CQ43976 Set Analysis Extent - Jump To Location Error
  • CQ48200 Reports for Multiple Layers Does Not Work with Export Report Option
  • CQ49133 Segmentation Study Error - Cannot Execute Core and Development Segments Report
  • CQ49245 Custom Report Creation Error When executing Without Proper Write Permissions to "Report Templates_USA_EBIS" Folder
  • CQ49497 Trade Area - Market Penetration Error
  • CQ49438 Segmentation Profile by Using an Existing Segmentation Code in a Customer Table Isn't Created if Volume Information Isn't Used
  • CQ48383 Existing Report Not Showing Up Properly in Blank Segmentation Study - Wrapping and Titling Issues
  • CQ48430 Multi-Area Report - "Two or More Races" and "Hispanic Origin" Are Printed Overtop Of Each Other
  • CQ49843 The side bar help for the GP tools is not showing up for selected parameters.

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