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ArcGIS 8.2 Service Pack 1

Published: February 24, 2003


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Service Pack 2.


This Patch is now obsolete. It has been superceded by the ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Service Pack 2.



ESRIĀ® is pleased to announce ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Service Pack 1. We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This Service Pack contains several improvements and maintenance fixes as well as all the previous ArcGIS 8.2 patches. It deals specifically with the issues listed below under Issues Addressed with this Service Pack.

NOTE: If you are using a localized version of ArcGIS, please contact your local distributor to get the updated language supplement.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

  • CQ00102211 - Incorrect label rendering when Windows "Smooth edges of screen font" option is enabled. (Windows NT and W2K only)
  • CQ00133225 - Exporting a layout, containing text, to postscript fails on Korean Windows Operating System.
  • CQ00134152 - Viewing the "Size and Position" tab in the properties page, may change your text size.
  • CQ00134928 - When changing the size of a marker or text, you must click 'Apply' before switching over to the size and position tab. Otherwise your changes do not take effect.
  • CQ00137308 - When editing multi-line text inside dataframes, font size may change.
  • CQ00139096 - When using a Scale bar with the resizing behavior set to "Adjust number of divisions", the number of divisions changes after you switch to data view and back.
  • CQ00139100 - When using a Scale bar with the Label Position set to "Units below bar", the scale bar may move to the bottom of bounding box after you switch to data view and back.
  • CQ00144874 - When adding a legend column, clicking the "Size and Position" tab in the properties page before you click 'Apply', may result in a wrong bounding box.
  • CQ00148353 - When changing the line thickness of a graphic line, the line may become shorter.
  • CQ00148403 - When changing the length of a graphic line, the line may move.
  • CQ00153406 - Text Properties dialog may move the text after changing the text justification value and then clicking 'Apply'.
  • CQ00155836 - When changing the width/length properties of (circles, lines, curved lines, freehand lines, callout text, and spline text) their size/position may change slightly.
  • CQ00159927 - The leader line anchor doesn't appear when using the label tool to label features interactively.
  • CQ00160019 - Clicking on various tabs on the "Properties" dialog box may cause the scale to shift along the X axis.
  • CQ00161779 - Invalid logfile is created during filtering of false conflicts.
  • CQ00161889 - Dot Density is not returning the desired result when randomly displaying points.
  • CQ00162345 - When adding a Scale text with unknown units, units are not updated until later.
  • CQ00163050 - Unexpected Error message appears, when adding a SDE layer to ArcMap using the 'Make Query Based Layer' sample from ArcObjects Developer Help.
  • CQ00163102 - Add support for stacked text when projecting on the fly.
  • CQ00164704 - Adding an empty feature layer may crash ArcMap.
  • CQ00165060 - Cannot change annotation attribute, after the feature linked annotation is projected on the fly.
  • CQ00165259 - While labeling classes within a line layer, if you change the settings for Label Placement Options:Label position for one class may produce unexpected results in another.
  • CQ00165837 - Add support for commas as decimal places when Geocentric Translation is used for projecting your data.
  • CQ00165957 - Applying customized unique value renderer to raster catalog layer crashes ArcMap.
  • CQ00165964 - Some labled features not displaying properly when linked with extent settings.
  • CQ00166976 - Legend shifts upward when the layers are toggled off and on.
  • CQ00167154 - TIFFs are not recognized for some users.

    • ArcGIS TIFF library support is dependent on the JPEG public domain library support. ESRI has found that certain non-ESRI software packages haven't upgraded their JPEG public domain library support. Therefore, in certain situations the operating system can confuse which DLL (ESRI's or another product's) it should load, and as a consequence, our TIFF library cannot load thus causing all TIFF support to be lost.
  • CQ00167381 - When using the 'Automatically create...' option for new features and annotation, the control point for annotation leader line does not display.
  • CQ00167449 - Add Service Pack identification information to the Desktop Administrator.
  • CQ00169003 - Layers failed to draw error is displayed if you cancel print and then click pan.
  • CQ00169016 - Map scale combo and the scale text may change, when zooming in and then panning around the map using the layout tools.
  • CQ00169452 - When using dot density symbology, all the dots may not display.
  • CQ00170286 - Updating destination feature class that has a (relationship class with forward messaging) should not open the origin featureclass.
  • CQ00170429 - When performing a Union, the IBasicGeoprocessor puts a lock on the Personal GeoDatabase. The lock is not released after the process has finished. You must exit the application before you can delete the personal GeoDatabase.
  • CQ00173530 - Optimize FindVersion to minimize queries issued against the database.
  • CQ00173595 - Network inconsistencies can be caused by saving edits after canceling, or undoing a reconcile operation.
    • The following operations are not supported in the geodatabase, but are not guarded against by the software. Performing any of these operations can lead to inconsistent features within a geometric network (for example, features with missing logical elements):
    • Undoing a reconcile, and then saving edits. This is not a supported operation. If a reconcile is undone, the edit session must be discarded. Once this patch is installed, undoing a reconcile will be blocked. If a reconcile operation must be discarded then you need to stop editing without saving your edits (end the edit session).
    • Undoing the edit operation immediately preceding a canceled reconcile. When a version is reconciled, if conflicts are detected, the user may cancel the reconcile, rather than enter the conflict resolution dialog. If the edit operation preceding the canceled reconcile is undone, network inconsistencies may result. Once this patch is installed, if the user cancels a reconcile in this manner, they can't undo operations before the canceled reconcile.
    • Continue editing after a canceled reconcile. If the user canceled a reconcile, continuing to edit may have caused network inconsistencies. This is a supported operation and this patch addresses this issue.

  • Site administrators are encouraged to download and install this patch to prevent inadvertent errors by users manually resolving conflicts, or manually reconciling and posting versions.
  • CQ00178441 - Acquire state lock after the creation of each state for optimization.
  • CQ00178654 - When using the Label tool with "find best placement" option and leader line symbol places text in center of projection.
  • CQ00181026 - When using the Edit Tool, it leaks GDI resource every time the cursor changes or when selecting an area.
  • CQ00181050 - Modify error message on Undo of Reconcile/Operation before Canceled Reconcile.
    • Modify the existing message, from: "The current operation cannot be undone".

      To: "Undo of a Reconcile or the operation preceding a cancel Reconcile is not supported. To discard the current edit session, stop editing and do not save edits".

  • CQ00182382 - When using a UNIX License Server, you may be unable to use some ArcGIS Extensions.
  • CQ00182452 - When editing a Personal GeoDatabase, GDI resources may leak thus causing ArcMap to crash.
  • CQ00184002 - When a network is opened by name (which is already open) reacquires schema locks for each feature class.
  • CQ00185411 - Split Tool may crash ArcMap if the EditSelection returns no features.
  • CQ00187097 - When creating a logical network, the network table index must be preserved.

Files Installed in this Service Pack

  • Under the ArcGIS Desktop installation bin folder: ArcMap.exe
  • DesktopAdmin.exe
  • GroundZero.exe
  • AfCore.dll
  • Annotation.dll
  • Display.dll
  • DisplayFeedback.dll
  • DisplayLib.dll
  • FeatureDB.dll
  • FeatureLayer.dll
  • Garcia.dll
  • GarciaUI.dll
  • Geometry.dll
  • GraphicElements.dll
  • GraphicElementsUI.dll
  • jpegnlib.dll
  • LableEngine.dll
  • Map.dll
  • MapElements.dll
  • MapElementsUI.dll
  • Neteng80.dll
  • NetworkLoader.dll
  • PageLayout.dll
  • ProjectionTools.dll
  • PsDriver.dll
  • RasterLayer.dll
  • Renderers.dll
  • SdeFDB.dll
  • StyleGalleryClasses.dll
  • Symbology.dll
  • tifflib.dll
  • Topology.dll
  • EsriCore.olb

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