Zipcode file not present, capability not available.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

This message occurs when geocoding by ZIP.


There are three possible reasons:

- The Geocode folder has been moved.
- The geocode.lic file or the centroid.dat file has been moved.
- Installing on a server and accessing geocode.lic over the network.


The following steps may correct the problem:

- Make sure the Geocode folder is in the AGISW or AtlasGIS root directory. The Geocode folder contains the centroid.dat file, which is used to geocode by ZIP.

- If the geocode.lic file has been moved from the Atlas root directory, move it back. If it has been deleted, restore it by reinstalling the software.

It is important these settings are indicated correctly to be able to geocode by zip 5 centroids. Atlas GIS ships with ZIP 5 centroids. In Atlas GIS 4.0, there is no longer a license available to geocode by ZIP+4.

Check the correct placement of the centroid.dat file. There are two locations for this file. One is in the Atlas root directory and the other is in the Geocode folder. Double-click on the settings.ini file in the Atlas root directory. Scroll down to find the centroid file section. It should read as follows:

CENTROIDFIL {centroid.dat}  

This means the centroid.dat file is correctly located in the AGISW or AtlasGIS root directory.

If it isn't in the root directory, you would see a path:

CENTROIDFIL {c:\whatever\directory\it\is\stored}  

This is incorrect. Use Windows Explorer to verify the geocode.lic file is in the AtlasGIS root directory.

- Atlas GIS cannot be installed on the network. It is a violation of the single user license agreement. Atlas GIS must be installed locally.

Article ID:000001592

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