Xerces Panic Error - Could not find local code page transcoder

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When starting the ArcIMS Monitor service, which launches the Spatial Server process, aimsserver.exe, a an error message may occur:

"Xerces Panic Error
Could not find local code page transcoder"

This error may also be logged when requests are sent to the Spatial Server and the services appear to be still up and running.


This problem may be related to either IBM's XML for C++ parser (XML4C) or Apache's XML for C++ parser. The IBM parser includes three files: icuuc.dll, icu18n.dll, and icudata.dll. The Apache parser is associated with one file: xerces-c*.dll where "*" is the version. ArcIMS uses both DLLs in conjunction and there might be a conflict with existing files on the ArcIMS host, where this error happens.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Search for icu* and xerces* to determine what files or dlls are found. Rename the duplicate files that are not associated with ArcIMS.
  2. Check the environment variable settings. For example, open a command prompt and type 'set'.
    Verify the paths in the list are correct. Try switching the order of the paths, so that the system searches for the according libraries in the ArcIMS directory first.

    For example, add the entries %AIMSHOME%\Server\bin and %AIMSHOME%\Server\lib directories first in the PATH variable where %AIMSHOME% represents the path to your ArcIMS Installation directory.

Article ID:000006821

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