Worker 'Unable to change to Working' when updating status in Workforce for ArcGIS mobile app

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Accounts designated as Workers in a Workforce for ArcGIS project may encounter an 'Unable to change to Working' message when updating their status in the Workforce for ArcGIS mobile application.


The action of updating a worker's status seeks to change their associated record in the 'workers' Hosted Feature Layer created as part of the Workforce for ArcGIS Project.

Specifically, it updates the 'Status' field of this layer to the target domain value of 'Working', 'On Break' or 'Not Working' for the feature created when the worker was added to the project.

If editing has been disabled on the Hosted Feature Layer at an item level, it prevents the Workers account from making this update, returning the error 'Unable to change to Working'.

Solution or Workaround

Ensure that editing capabilities are enabled on the workers' Hosted Feature Layer, and that no other modifications have been made to the item that prevent the user from requesting the edit via the app button.

Article ID:000022177

  • ArcGIS Workforce

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