WMS and/or other image service layers do not display when printed or exported

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When printing or exporting maps that contain Web Map Server (WMS), Internet map server (IMS), and/or other imagery service layer, image service layers do not display on the output.


If the map layout page is medium to large size, the output image size being requested to draw the WMS layers to the output print or export file may be larger than the maximum image size served by the image service.

All image services set a maximum X,Y pixel limit for the images served. If an image service is added to an E-size map and exported to PDF at 300 dpi or (34" x 300dpi) x (44" x 300dpi), the image requested is larger than the maximum size served by the image service.

Solution or Workaround

Check with the image service provider to find the maximum x,y image they serve and either reduce the output map page size so that the requested x,y image is within the limits set by the image service, or use other data that is not served by an image service.

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