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What is the default location of the Audit and lmgrd9 (debug) logs in Windows ArcGIS License Manager 2021.0 and newer?

Last Published: April 20, 2021


Starting with the ArcGIS License Manager 2021.0, the default location of the Audit and lmgrd9 (debug) logs is changing on Windows platforms.

The default location of Audit and lmgrd9 (debug) log files is now:  C:\ProgramData\ArcGIS\LicenseManager

If using the in-place upgrade of ArcGIS License Manager to 2021.0 from a previous version, fresh log files are written to the new location and the previous log files are retained in the former location. If you use third-party software or scripts that read or parse the scripts in the former location, you must update the software or scripts to reflect the new location of the log files.

This does not affect Linux platforms. The location remains the same with Linux ArcGIS License Manager 2021.0.

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