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Why is WVS data not displaying when it is added to an MA VPF Catalog?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


World Vector Shoreline (WVS) data does not display in ArcMap's Data View after being added to a Military Analyst VPF Catalog. This is because WVS data does not include a table necessary for generating VPF catalogs.

The table missing from WVS is the FCA (feature class attribute) table. This table is an optional table according to the VPF specifications, but is required by Military Analyst to create an MA VPF catalog.

It is a VPF coverage-level table that contains information about all of the feature classes within a particular coverage. The information it contains includes the feature class name, feature class description, and feature class type (i.e., point, line, or area). When the MA data manager creates a VPF catalog, it uses the information in the FCA table to populate the FEAT_CLS, FC_DESC, and FC_TYPE fields in the _features table. Because this table is not included with WVS, the _features table is created but not populated with any rows, and so the VPF catalogs for WVS are not functional. The wireframe is created, but the VPF Feature Selection list in the Layer Properties is empty.

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  • ArcMap 9 x

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