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Why is the Offset Line button on the COGO toolbar disabled?

Last Published: April 26, 2020


The Offset Line button on the COGO toolbar is only activated under certain conditions.

To enable the Offset Line button, ensure the following rules are obeyed.

• An edit session has been started and line feature(s) have been selected in the map window in ArcMap. Please view the links under Related Information for converting points or polygons to lines.

• Only use the Offset Line tool for existing line features. The Offset Line tool is only enabled when an existing line feature or features are selected, and is disabled when creating new line features.

• For cases where a line has been selected and the tool is no longer disabled but the 'Finish' button is disabled in the tool, ensure the feature class pertaining to the selected feature resides within the same geodatabase as the target line feature class. See the Related Information section (About COGO and feature templates) for exporting features.

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