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Why is the ArcPad check-in tool grayed out?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This is typically caused by the following:

1. An editing session has not been started in ArcMap. To activate the check-in tool, on the ArcPad toolbar, an edit session must be started.

2. This occurs if a shapefile is being checked-in; the check-in tool can only check-in geodatabase feature classes. However, it is possible to check-out a shapefile but not possible to check-in a shapefile. ArcPad check-in/check-out tools are designed to be used on geodatabases feature classes.

The best approach to export a shapefile is by copying it over to a mobile device using Active Sync. Then copy it back using Active Sync, replacing the original shapefile, to preserve edits done to the shapefile while in ArcPad.

3. The ArcPad check-in tool may be grayed out if the geodatabase feature class has already been checked-in. Feature classes can only be checked-in once per check-out.

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