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Why is raster drawing performance slow and low in quality in ArcReader?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcReader does not create pyramid files if they do not exist or can not be accessed. Pyramid files are important for raster drawing performance in ArcGIS.
Typically, pyramid files are created by the ArcMap author when using the raster. The pyramid files are written in the same directory as the raster. If the Author does not have write access to the directory the raster file is located in, the pyramid file (RRD) is written in the ArcMap author's TEMP directory. If an ArcReader user on another machine opens a PMF with a raster in it, they will not have access to the pyramid file. Without pyramid files, the drawing performance can be slow and undesirable. If this occurs, the pyramid file for the raster can be copied locally to the local \temp\rasterproxies directory. However, it is best to have the pyramid files along with the raster in a single source directory.

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  • ArcReader 8 x
  • ArcReader 9 x

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