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Why does ArcGIS Server on Solaris set a ulimit value and to what value is it set?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Solaris has a low default limit of 256 open file descriptors. This creates an issue in certain situations when using ArcGIS Server. For example, when services use SDE connections, the individual server object container (SOC) processes may exceed the file handle limit. Starting in the Solaris 10 release, Sun Solutions, in the form of the extended File facility, alleviates the effect of this limitation. See Solaris OS Solutions to 32-bit studio's 256 File-Descriptors Limitation for more information.

The extended FILE facility is incorporated into the environment for the ArcGIS Server SOC processes on Solaris. This addresses issues, such as the SDE connections issue stated above.

The ArcGIS Server runtime scripts set the ulimit in the SOC environment to the maximum per-process file-handle limit specified by the OS administrator. This value defaults to 65536.

The system file-handle limit can be evaluated by executing the following command:

% /usr/sbin/sysdef | grep "file descriptor" | cut -f 1 | cut -f 2 -d ':'| xargs -n1 /usr/bin/printf '%d\n'

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