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Why can't a feature class be created using the SQL Server geography spatial type with a projected coordinate system?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Microsoft SQL Server geography spatial type is a geodetic type that uses latitude/longitude measurements; it does not support projected coordinate systems.

Therefore, when creating a feature class using the SQL Server geography spatial type and a projected coordinate system, an error message similar to one of the following will be returned:

• "Failed to create feature class. The given coordinate references are incompatible."

• "Failed to create feature class. The dataset is not supported at the workspace level."

To successfully create the feature class, chose one of the options below:

• Use a supported geographic coordinate system, such as WGS84.

• Use SQL Server geometry or SDEBINARY storage and choose a projected coordinate system.

Data stored in the SQL Server geography type must use one of the spatial reference systems defined in SQL Server. To see a list of supported spatial reference systems, query the SQL Server sys.spatial_reference_systems catalog view.

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