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Why are the data sources broken to the streets and streetscarto datasets with StreetMap Premium Advanced?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When opening the Navteq_NA, Navteq_EU, TomTom_NA, or TomTom_EU MXDs after purchasing Esri's Streetmap Premium Advanced data, the streetscarto and streets datasets have broken data sources.

In order to connect to the proper data sources, Streetmap Premium Advanced users must follow a few additional steps.
The instructions below are an excerpt from steps A-E of the QuickStartGuide.htm that is located on StreetMap Premium DVD1. Please read this guide to view additional required steps, that are not listed in this article, to take full advantage of the Advanced data.

1. Create a new folder on the local hard drive (for example, C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\StreetMap Premium) to store StreetMap Premium data.

2. Insert the Esri StreetMap Premium DVD1 into the DVD drive and copy all folders and files from the DVD to the new folder on the hard drive created in step 1.

3. Delete all folders and files beginning with 'streets' or 'streetscarto' from the StreetMap_Data folder that was copied to the hard drive from DVD1.

4. Copy all folders and files under the \Advanced folder to the StreetMap_Data folder on the hard drive. Do not copy the \Advanced folder itself, but only the folders and files within the \Advanced folder.

After completing the steps above, the streetscarto and streets datasets within the MXD appear as expected.
For additional information about using StreetMap Premium for display, routing, and geocoding, open the help.htm file located in the Documentation folder on Esri StreetMap Premium DVD1.

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