Why are attribute edits lost for polygon coverages in ArcMap?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


After editing a polygon coverage in ArcMap or ArcEditor, the attributes for some or all of the features are disappearing.


Each polygon feature must contain at least one label point in order to retain attribute values.

Solution or Workaround

Several options exist for fixing this problem, depending on the level of licensing available.

  • ArcInfo - ArcToolbox

    1) Use the Create Polygon Labels tool, which is found under Data Management Tools > Topology to add one label per polygon.

    2) Build polygon topology using the Build tool found under Data Management Tools > Topology.

  • ArcInfo - Workstation

    Use the CREATELABELS command to add one label per polygon feature and then build polygon topology.

    Arc: createlabels testcov
    Creating polygon labels for testcov

    Arc: build testcov polygon
    Building polygons...

  • ArcEditor or ArcInfo

    1) Add the label and polygon feature classes to ArcMap.

    2) Change the Editor target to the label feature class.

    3) Choose Editor > Start Editing.

    4) Click the Add tool and manually place label features inside polygons that are missing labels.

    5) Choose Editor > Save Edits.

Article ID:000004117

  • ArcMap 8 x

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