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Which DLLs are loaded when ArcView starts?

Last Published: April 26, 2020


The following table shows which DLLs are loaded by ArcView and which are not.
DLLs				Installed 		Loaded
				by ArcView      	where
====				==========      	=====			
ntdll.dll			No
mtch.dll			Yes
USER32.dll			No
KERNEL32.dll			No
GDI32.dll			No
ADVAPI32.dll			No
RPCRT4.dll			No
MSVCRT20.dll			Yes			Windows
arcview.EXE			Yes
NDCORE.dll			Yes
MSVCRT40.dll			Yes			Windows
MSVCRT.dll			No
MSVCIRT.dll			No
NDRES.dll			Yes
NDVGM.dll			Yes
ndcorex.dll			Yes
ole32.dll			No
OLEAUT32.dll			No
ndole.dll			Yes
CTL3D32.dll			Yes			Windows
comdlg32.dll			No
SHELL32.dll			No
COMCTL32.dll			No
NDTKIT.dll			Yes
NDSEC.dll			Yes
LMGR324A.DLL			Yes
WSOCK32.dll			No
WS2_32.dll			No
WS2HELP.dll			No
NDGW.dll			Yes
NDSCRPT.dll			Yes
ndoaba.dll			Yes
ndoa.dll			Yes
MPR.dll				No
WINMM.dll			No
inserror.dll			No
MMDRV.dll			No
SNDSYS32.dll			No
MMDRV.dll			No
pscrptui.dll			No
UTQE32.dll			Yes
qelib.dll			No
ivsql08.dll			Yes
ivutl08.dll			Yes
ODBC32.dll			No
avrpc.dll			Yes
WINRPC32.dll			Yes
MSWSOCK.dll			No
EZRPCW32.dll			Yes 
 All other DLLs are loaded into the Bin32 directory, unless specified otherwise.

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