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Where is the Orthographic "World From Space" projection?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In ArcView GIS, there is a View projection referred to as "World From Space" that uses the Orthographic projection. Given data that covers a large portion of a hemisphere or larger, the projection produces the effect of looking at the data as if you were a great distance away in space. It makes world data look like it would if it were on a globe, simulating the curvature of the earth.

While MapObjects 2 contains object classes and methods to handle thousands of combinations of projections, spheroids, and coordinate systems, the Orthographic projection is not one of them. If you know the formulas that can be used to generate the Orthographic projection, you can write your own dynamic link library (DLL) that contains these formulas compiled into a COM server. See the MapObjects online help topic "Creating custom projections". The object you created in your DLL can be instantiated and inserted into the Custom property of a MapObjects Projection object, then that MapObjects Projection object can be inserted into the Projection property of a MapObjects ProjCoordSys object.

If you then set a MapObjects GeoCoordSys object as the CoordinateSystem property of your unprojected map data MapLayer and this custom MapObjects ProjCoordSys object as the CoordinateSystem property of your Map control, MapObjects will draw your unprojected data using your custom Orthographic projection.

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