Where is c:\windows\temp\ximg0.bip\? - avarray index 0 not in range 0...-1

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


When attempting to load a MrSID image into a view, using the MrSID extension, produces this error:

   Where is c:\windows\temp\ximg0.bip\?  

Clicking the Cancel button produces the following error:

   avarray index 0 not in range 0...-1.  


The TEMP system variable is not defined.


1. Click Start > Run

2. Type sysedit to bring up the System Configuration Editor

3. Select the autoexec.bat file

4. Add this line at end bottom of the file:


5. Make sure the writable directory 'temp' exists on the C: drive, otherwise define TEMP to be some other writable directory

6. Save the file

7. Reboot the computer

8. Start ArcView and load the MrSID image into a view.

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