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Where can I get datum transformation grids for Canada?

Last Published: January 5, 2023


ArcGIS doesn't come with datum transformation grid files for Canada. The main NAD27 to NAD83 Canadian grids are available from ESRI Canada or Geomatics Canada. See the Related Information section for contact information.

Provincial grids, including some that convert between ATS77 or NAD83 and NAD83 (CSRS), are also available. Check with regional authorities.

ArcGIS supports the Ntv2_0.gsb and May76v20.gsb grid files. The supported provincial grids, starting with version 8.1.2, are:

  • NB7783v2.gsb for New Brunswick
  • NS7783v2.gsb for Nova Scotia
  • NAD83-98.gsb
  • CGQ77-83.gsb, CGQ77-98.gsb, QUE27-83.gsb, and QUE27-98.gsb for Quebec
  • PE7783v2.gsb for Prince Edward Island
  • SK27-98.gsb and SK83-98.gsb for Saskatchewan
  • AB_CSRS.gsb for Alberta
  • GS7783.gsb for the Maritimes

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