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Where are my ArcGIS Pro Licenses?

Last Published: July 23, 2021


By default, ArcGIS Pro Licenses are delivered using the Named User License Model Type, meaning that ArcGIS Pro Licenses and Extensions are found in your ArcGIS Online Organization. You can also view your ArcGIS Pro Named User Licensing Information in My Esri > My Organizations > Licensing > ArcGIS Online Information > Select ArcGIS Online Subscription ID.

However, it is expected that your ArcGIS Pro Licenses and Extensions (either Single Use or Concurrent Use) will not yet be visible in My Esri until the Licenses are converted, allowing an Authorization number to be generated. 

To generate an Authorization number for your Concurrent Use or Single Use ArcGIS Pro License, you must convert the ArcGIS Pro Named User Licenses in the ArcGIS Online Organization from My Esri.

How do I get an Authorization number for ArcGIS Pro and Related extensions?
Converting the license is a simple process that can be completed via My Esri with the following steps;

  1. Log into My Esri with Admin permissions.
  2. Select My Organizations
  3. Select Licensing.
  4. Select Convert ArcGIS Pro Named User Licenses.
My Esri view license summary page
  1. Follow the prompts to complete the Convert ArcGIS Pro Named User Licenses form.
Only ArcGIS Pro Licenses purchased with ArcGIS Desktop can be converted from a Named User License type to either Single Use or Concurrent Use. Depending on the License model purchased, you only have the option to convert to either Single Use or Concurrent Use. You cannot convert ArcGIS Pro Named User Licenses Purchased separately from ArcGIS Desktop.

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