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When rematching geocoding results with the Pick Address From Map tool, why does the tool clear or not populate the MATCH_ADDR and SIDE fields?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When using the Match To Click Point option (the default option) with the Pick Address From Map tool, this is expected behavior. This is because the primary use of the Pick Address From Map tool is to pick addresses on the map for unmatched geocoding results. When a point on the map is picked, it is not matching a record with an address; therefore, the two fields are left blank or cleared.

Consider these other workflows:

- If there is a successfully matched geocoding result, consider moving it from its computed matched position to its real world position. For example, there may be aerial photography showing that an address is actually down a long drive way away from the road. For this workflow, it is better to move the point in an edit session, instead of the Pick Address From Map tool. This preserves the MATCH_ADDR and SIDE fields.

- If there is A.) an unmatched record that does not have a location, or B.) a matched record with a point, it can snapped to a new location on the map using the Match To Address Location option. This places the point on the address specified by the Pick Address tool, as well as, populates the MATCH_ADDR and SIDE fields. See the link to Rematching a Geocoded Feature Class in the Related Information section below for more detailed steps.

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