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When does ArcVIew prompt for a Project Save?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Some operations in ArcView don't prompt you for a Project Save. This keeps application overhead to a minimum. The following cross references operations with document features, and whether or not they prompt for a Project Save.

View   	Add a theme                Y
View Delete a theme N
View Delete graphics Y
View Add graphics Y
View Create theme definition N
View Set theme password N
View Set theme display extent N
View Set Hot Link N
View Change text label field N
View Make theme matchable Y
View Set snap distance N
View Set projection N
View Zoom in N
View Zoom out N
View Change selected set N
View Attach graphics Y
View Detach graphics Y
View Modify a theme's legend N

Table Remove all Joins N
Table Remove Link Y
Table Change selected set N
Table Join tables Y
Table Link tables Y
Table Create index N

Layout Delete graphics Y
Layout Add graphics Y
Layout Add scale bar frame Y
Layout Add view frame Y
Layout Add legend frame Y
Layout Add picture frame Y
Layout Add north arrow frame Y
Layout Add table frame Y
Layout Add chart frame Y
Layout Zoom in Y
Layout Zoom out Y
Layout Change frame properties N (for example, scalebar type)

Project Add table Y
Project Create chart Y
Project Create layout Y
Project Create script Y
Project Create view Y
Project Create table Y
Project Delete document Y

General Tile windows Y
General Cascade windows N
General Arrange Icons N

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