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What is the difference between printing wall panels and wall charts?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A wall chart spreads the map image on the screen across multiple pages to be put together, creating a large wall map.

A wall panel prints more of the map than is currently viewed on the screen. The part of the map on the screen is at the upper left-hand corner of the printed map (not the center), so the Pan tool may be helpful in positioning the map for this type of printing. The wall panel option was added to print more of the map, including all zoom dependent features and labels that can be seen on the screen at one time (zooming out loses some of the features or labels).

Another large map option is to use the included BullZip PDF printer driver in BusinessMAP 5 (if a PDF writer does not already exist) to print a digital version of a wall map. This 'prints' a map of the area seen on the screen, but more spread out and more features may be viewed in the final output. This PDF can be taken to a print shop to print to a large format printer. (It is assumed that there is no access to one or it could be printed straight from BusinessMAP to that printer).

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